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What to Wear While Working from a home office?

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When working from home, what are your go-to comfortable clothes?

What to wear while working from home? what are you wearing while we’re all working from home? here are a few tips on how to be comfy and look smart on your zoom call from your home office.

Due to the pandemic, many of us spend more time inside than we would normally. Therefore, finding clothes to wear when at home can be challenging. It can be challenging to decide what to wear between working, doing house chores, or just lounging around.

Staying comfortable at home is essential to many of us so that you can look cute and comfortable at the same time. A good morning routine and getting dressed motivate you to tackle the day ahead.

Here are some of my favourite comfy pieces for comfortable and cozy home wear. We have rounded up some of our favourite loungewear ideas of the moment for you to get inspired. Read on to see some comfy and stylish at same time outfits for lounging!

Oversized Button-Up Shirt


An oversized button-up shirt will channel effortless elegance on those days when you want to make a little extra effort for a FaceTime date or group Zoom meeting

Tops (tee) with high-waisted jogging bottoms

A pair of high-waisted neutral joggers tucked into a tee would be a perfect option if you’re looking for something simple to wear at home.

  • Oversized Jumper
  • Cami and a Chunky Cardigan


Leggings and Tunic Top

This outfit is flirty, feminine, and sure to turn heads in your house. If you enjoy wearing leggings, but want something a little more special on your top half, Consider wearing a lace-trimmed cami with a chunky knitted cardigan as an alternative to leggings with a distinct top half. This outfit will have your housemates talking about its cute and feminine.

The Loungewear Set

One thing is for sure: this option is as comfy as it is stylish, whether it’s tie-dye printed joggers and a matching sweatshirt or a plain sports tracksuit. Either way, this option never fails to impress.

  • Joggers & sweatpants
  • Sweatshirts & Hoodies Save the Day

Jersey Shorts and Cotton Top

In warmer weather, consider wearing shorts and a cotton top to stay comfortable at home. If this looks (or feels) a little dull to you, add interest by choosing unique prints or bright colours.

Wear light materials such as cotton and linen that will not cling to your body all the time. Wear a colour that is comfortable for you. The colour that makes you feel relaxed. Wear materials that do not cling to your body not to feel stuffy all the time.

  1. Frocks and midi maxi dresses for summer
  2. Cotton shirt dresses
  3. Short Playsuits
  4. Jersey shorts and cotton top
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Throw-On Lounge Dress


A lounge dress is such an easy-to-wear item. It can either be a slim-fit sweatshirt with drawstrings or a long cotton tee with a drawstring waist. Whenever you wear it with fluffy slippers, it looks the most stunning. 


Workout Clothes

work cloth Blog Banner 560x315 1

And if you still have questions about what to wear at home all day, check out your workout clothes? For example, vest tops, yoga pants, and sports bras can be functional and fashionable if you pick out stylish yet practical pieces.

However, no matter what you wear, don’t forget to wear some fluffy socks. They’ll make you feel warm and comfortable for an entire day.


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