Upgrading your Laptop

Upgrading a Laptop ! Top 10 things you need to know before Upgrading your next Laptop

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Upgrading your Laptop? Things to know before upgrading a Laptop

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  1. Consider Longer-lasting batteries before upgrading a laptop
  2. Agile cloud computing vs Powerful workstations (speed and performance)
  3. Augmented and Virtual Reality Integration
  4. Single screen vs Dual-screen when upgrading a laptop
  5. Upgrading a laptop vs repairing a laptop
  6. Offers on Latest Laptops

Are you looking to upgrade your laptop? Eventually, your Laptop will become a few years old, and you will have to decide whether to upgrade it or get a new one. You can speed up your Mac or PC quickly by upgrading its hardware. you can easily give your Mac or PC a performance boost by spending a few hundred dollars. In most cases, upgrading will be cheaper than buying a new computer. But more affordable isn’t always the best option.

A few things you should know can help you make the right decision before Upgrading your laptop. It is only possible to upgrade certain parts of your Laptop on your own, and that too if your Laptop allows it. Mostly there are three laptop parts you can usually upgrade RAM, storage and battery.

Generally, other laptop components such as CPUs or GPUs – or combinations of the two – cannot be upgraded. Similarly, you cannot upgrade data ports, like upgrading from USB 3.0 to Thunderbolt 3 technology.

upgrading a laptop

There is a particular limitation to upgrading any technology as Laptop technology has changed quite a bit over the last few years. Overall, they are becoming thinner, faster, and more portable than they used to be. You might want to consider the emerging trends in laptop technology so you can invest wisely if you are looking to upgrade your laptop soon.

upgrading a laptop

Before upgrading your Laptop hardware, ask yourself these questions. Upgrades might not be your best option! So there is a guide for you to invest in the best technology for your next Laptop.

Consider Longer-lasting batteries before upgrading a laptop

Most people upgrade their laptops because their battery life has declined steadily. Since the popularisation of laptops in the early 1990s, manufacturers have promised battery life that lasts all day. Despite improvements in battery life since the 1990s, it remains a challenge.

Over the last decade, we have seen improvement in some laptops, particularly Chromebooks, which have shown impressive battery performance. As processors become more efficient and battery technology advances, this could change over time. Thanks to better processors and batteries, users won’t have to worry about constantly charging their laptops.

Agile cloud computing vs Powerful workstations (speed and performance)

We see two main trends in laptops – ultra-powerful computing that values speed and performance or ultra-thin, cloud-based laptops that value agility and connectivity. Due to the growth in home offices due to more flexible working arrangements, the market continuously demands a computing solution that delivers the power necessary to create digital products. There are now laptops with up to eight cores of powerful video cards and can fit all of this technology into a relatively slim, sleek design.

In contrast, laptops are becoming increasingly mobile and connected as 5G is launched across Australia, thus making cloud connectivity a necessity, and operating systems will have to become flexible to address these demands.

It would be best to keep this in mind as you upgrade your Laptop. Over the next decade, this divergence will continue to grow, and it will be imperative to choose the right Laptop for your needs now and in the future.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Integration

The emergence of 5G networks and the Internet of Things have paved the way for the mainstream adoption of augmented and virtual reality. Increasingly, augmented reality will be integrated into our laptop experience by the end of the decade. These innovative devices enable us to change our working and personal habits by integrating seamlessly with laptops, mobile devices, and AR/VR headsets. In the near future, we’re likely to continue using laptop screens for most tasks, but we may be able to access chats, notifications, and news feeds through an entirely virtual second screen.

Single screen vs Dual-screen when upgrading a laptop

You know how limited it feels to use a single-screen laptop if you’re used to multiple screens for work or personal use. Tech companies are scaling to create a product that solves this problem. Despite the lack of commerciality, Microsoft’s dual-screen Laptop offers the most promising design. With the Surface Neo concept, Microsoft shows a glimpse into the very near future of notebook computers. If they execute the idea well enough, it may be not easy to go back to the thin, single-screen Laptop again.

Upgrading a laptop vs repairing a laptop

It seems the technological community is looking for a way to solve the problem of built-in obsolescence. After seeing what Microsoft accomplished with the Surface Laptop 3, other manufacturers will likely follow suit to make laptops and tablets more repairable.

It is great news for laptop users, allowing them to modify and replace storage and other vital components easily. They may even be able to do the repairs themselves. As a result, you will be able to hold on to your Laptop for 7 to 10 years, rather than just a short three to five-year period.

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