Tynker Coding T&C – Cashback, Deals & Coupons

Tynker Coding T&C - Cashback, Deals & Coupons 2

For any Qualifying Transactions, you receive a percentage of the transaction as cashback based on the category-level & the cashback rate.

Tips for earning cashback


  • Ensure that you are logged in to your SavexCorp user portal with your registered account
  • Make sure you don’t visit other websites after clicking through SavexCorp
  • Make sure your shopping cart is empty before clicking from SavexCorp
  • During your shopping session, make sure your ad-blocking software is disabled
  • Each time you make a new transaction, you should return and click through to the store again. Your transaction should be completed within 2 to 3 hours of clicking through to the store
  • Read the Merchant/Store special terms carefully


  • A coupon code (not listed on Savexcorp) is used
  • The online transaction is not fully completed
  • The order is changed or returned after the initial purchase


You will not receive Cashback:

  • On GST, freight, delivery fees, or any other taxes. 
  • If you cancel, change, or return an order.
  • If any fraudulent activity has been detected.

up to $10 cashback

CategoriesLive Coding & Camp Enrollment
3-Year Single-User PlanUp to $10
3-Year Family PlanUp to $10
Tynker All-AccessUp to $10
Tynker All-Access – FamilyUp to $10
1 Year of Tynker All-AccessUp to $10
Tynker PlusUp to $10
Tynker Plus-FamilyUp to $10
1 Year of Tynker PlusUp to $10
1 Year of Tynker All-Access – FamilyUp to $10
Tynker Essentials – Family 0%
Tynker Essentials 0%
Code These Games eBook 0%
Code This Art eBook 0%


  • Any coupon or promo code applied to your purchase will not qualify for cashback
  • Category product classification and eligibility are solely at the discretion of the merchant (not Savex Corp)
  • Please refer to the table above to identify Qualifying Purchases of Products within product categories. Check these prior to making purchases as the rates and qualifying categories are subject to change without prior notice
  • You can only earn cashback through Tynker Coding you shop via a desktop web browsers or through the SavexCorp app. If you buy through a mobile or any other app, you will not qualify to receive a cashback
  • Gift cards qualify for Cashback, while Tynker Coding credits do not (partially or fully)
  • In the event of unpaid items in your cart, cancelled items, cancelled changes, or returned items, cashback will not be awarded
  • If you click on any advertising banners or sponsored links on the Tynker Coding website, you will not receive cashback
  • Every time you purchase or make a transaction through SavexCorp, you need to return to the site and click through
  • Cashback is based upon Tynker Coding’s currency conversions and the reported value of sales
  • If you transaction does not appear as pending in your SavexCorp account within 7 days from the purchase date, please contact us within 30 days to claim your cashback
  • Your cashback will be approved by the store and eligible for redemption within the estimated timeframe**

**Estimated approval timeframe is up to 90 days

Price Comparison Disclaimer

  • Prices and/or product specifications are as published by named suppliers on their own website(s) on the date(s) shown and may be varied at any time without notice.
  • Prices compared, assumed all products offered are of the same specification on the applicable date(s). Information shown here is for personal use and guidance only and does not constitute any contractual representation or warranty.
  • Prices shown exclude taxes, discounts, special offers, promotions, delivery charges etc. which may alter the final price payable by the customer from the published price.

special offers & promotions

From time to time, we may make changes to the advertising fee rates including but not limited to:

  • Exclude certain products or categories of products from earning advertising fees
  • Reduce or Increase the advertising fee for specific products or categories of products. We may also run special or limited time offers or promotions under which you may earn advertising fees on Products or categories of Products that were previously excluded from earning advertising fees, or you may earn increased advertising fee rates from those set forth above.

We may notify you about these exclusions, rate changes, special offers or promotions by updating this page or through emails, blog posts, or other means.


Tynker is the #1 online and mobile coding platform in the world for ages 5 to 18. Over 60 million kids and 90,000 schools have used Tynker to learn computer programming as they develop apps, build games, program robots and drones, and mod Minecraft. Tynker is a powerful visual programming language where kids begin by snapping together code blocks to create programs, gradually understanding the actual code behind these blocks, and how they directly translate to real-world text programming languages like JavaScript and Python.

Learning to code using traditional methods can be frustrating and challenging. However, Tynker empowers creativity with code while making it very easy to learn complicated coding concepts. Our revolutionary self-study platform makes learning fun, with drag-and-drop visual coding, a game-based story-driven approach, and interactive explanations and how-to video guides. Kids can also take Tynker on the go using one of our three apps which come with a Tynker plan, making Tynker positive screen time for children of all ages and experience levels. Tynker also offers online classes taught by a Tynker certified expert for kids that prefer live private or small group classes. The best news is that as kids learn to code they build important skills like logic, problem-solving, reading, and math!

Comprehensive solution includes:

-60+ guided, self-paced, self-guided courses with over 600 hours of content
-4,100+ fun coding activities with daily coding missions
-Interest-based tracks in art, music, game design, and more
-Mod Minecraft, create apps, learn AR, and control drones & robots
-Block and text coding courses including JavaScript and Python
-On-the-go apps for Tynker, Tynker Jr, and Minecraft mods